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A smart and fuel-efficient alternative doesn’t need to compromise performance. The City CNG boasts an intelligent i-VTEC 1.5-liter engine and CVT transmission that together provide a well-balanced and smooth drive. DOWNLOAD FACT SHEET
Adapted to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) as well as petrol fuel, the City CNG has 2 easy refueling systems that are convenient and safe. The gas cap is situated right next to the petrol fuel cap with a safety tip that prevents reverse gas flow.
Switching between natural gas and petrol fuel is as easy as the push of a button. The engine has been designed to seamlessly transition between both fuel options.
Performance The City CNG’s engine control system calculates proper fuel injection so you never lose power. For even more peace of mind, when an emergency is detected the fuel system will automatically cut off.
15’’ Alloy Wheels
The City CNG features beautiful 15’’ alloy wheels so you travel in style.

Exterior Features
A unique car deserves a unique badge. The City CNG makes a recognizable, eco-friendly statement.

Never worry about taking your keys out of your pocket again. The City CNG Smart Entry recognizes when your key is near the vehicle, and locks or unlocks the doors.

Interior Features Step on the brake and press the start button. The City CNG models can recognize when your key is inside the vehicle, so you can enter the vehicle and take off in the blink of an eye without ever taking the keys out of your pocket.

The City CNG is equipped with a 65 liter high-quality steel tank resistant to strong gas pressure. Its intelligent design incorporates a solid cover that protects the tank from rear impact while also keeping it out of view.
Don’t let the tank fool you. The cargo area boasts a large compartment space that allows you to carry your typical day-to-day carry-ons.
Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) This system helps sense oversteer or understeer and brakes individual wheels and/or reduces engine power to help keep you on your intended course.
Airbags In a frontal impact of sufficient strength, the front airbags instantly inflate to help reduce injury to the driver and front passenger.
Hill Start Assist (HSA) Stopped on a steep hill? No worries. When your foot moves from the brake pedal to the accelerator, Hill Start Assist will maintain brake-line pressure, giving you time to step on the accelerator and resume motion without rolling back.

Colors: Taffeta White
Interior: Black

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