*U.S. model shown.
Keep track of your ride with information about G-force, turbo boost, throttle/brake input, rev-limit and lap time for the track.
Switch between Comfort, Sport or +R mode, with which you can adjust the throttle, steering and dampers to a new level of handling.
Stay in touch with a pinchable, swipeable touch screen that becomes in your commandcentral.
The Front Splitter helps underbody airflow, generating downforce for improve steering control, while Front Air Curtains contribute to consistent braking performance.
The Rear Wing is positioned near roof height, creating the optimum amount of downforce. The Rear Diffuser reduces drag and improves track performance.
Functional Side Skirts help with downforce and airflow to the rear of the vehicle, providing incredible stability at high speeds and grip on the track.
The VTEC engine has forged connecting rods, sodium-filled exhaust valves and a mono-scroll TD04 turbo, delivering 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque.
20-Inch Black Alloy Wheels keep the high-performance rubber on the road with style and frame the large, red Brembo front brake calipers that help brake fade in check.
The specially turned Center Exit Triple Exhaust System bellows a throaty growl that broadcasts your departure.
*U.S. model shown.