InOne Package

What does it take to get and keep the car on the road?
Finance, Car Insurance, and Maintenance. Although vehicle ownership is one of the largest expenditures in life many purchasers take a somewhat shortsighted view of the transaction. The InOne was designed as the complete Auto Finance package designed exclusively for ANSA Automotive Limited. It does not only take into account the cost of vehicle but the total cost of vehicle ownership. It includes finance, insurance, and maintenance InOne fixed monthly payment.

There are so many reasons to love InOne Vehicle Financing:
- Free insurance from TATIL for up to 3 Years
- Free Guaranteed Maintenance for 3 Years or 50,000 km
- Quick turnaround process
- No legal fees
- Convenience
- Free 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
- No annual lump sum insurance renewal

Immediate repairs - no estimates or haggling between insurance and finance companies.
A partnership between ANSA Automotive, ANSA Merchant Bank, and TATIL makes this finance package possible. For added benefit, financing and insurance is available on site at Classic Motors' showrooms throughout Trinidad and Tobago. This creates a hassle-free vehicle buying experience.